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from small patios to large decks, around the house decks are built to last

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Around the House Renos has earned a reputation for building some of the most beautiful decks you'll find in the neighborhood. From small patios to large, two or three-tiered decks, you can count on Around the House Renos for a quality addition to your home that's built to last.

We take care of everything for you including design and planning, on-site deck building (including measuring, cutting, assembling), painting, finishing, and even the landscaping surrounding your deck.

Custom-built decks are a necessity for hosting outdoor social gatherings and you can rely on our creativity and ingenuity to deliver an exquisit product to wow your guests. When it comes to our customers decks, our goal is to create their Summertime centrepiece - achieved by paying special attention to the details. When you hire Around the House to build your deck, options include privacy screens, gazebos, hot tub installations, bars, built-in bbqs and more.

Decks tranition to the outdoor living room in the Summertime, and we understand the necessary requirements to keep them safe and functional. Our decks are typically retrofitted with safety lights on the steps and motion-sensing lights where the deck meets the corners of your property. Under your feet, you'll find proper foundations supporting specially treated lumber ensuring your deck stands the tests of time.

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