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Basement renovations are amongst the most rewarding home renovations you can undertake. In the Summertime, basements offer a cool haven where you can relax and escape painfully-warm temperatures. For families, renovating a basement solves challenges with space issues and reduces the overall per-square-foot wear and tear of your home. With the expansion of kitchens and open-concept floorplans, basements are once again replacing tv and entertainment space previously owned by living rooms. No other space in your home is as flexible to renovate as a basement where you have freedom to control environmental elements like like light, temperature and sound.

For new home owners, finishing a basement is a sure way to grow your invesetment. Around the House Renovations has experience in finishing basements where only roughed-in plumbing, studs and electrical panels exist. We can complete framing (both wood and steel-stud), drywalling, painting, flooring, ceilings and install necessary cable, sound and electrical outlets/wiring.

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